Saturday, 29 December 2012

Article Marketing for Beginners

Here we are going to look at article marketing for beginners and even if you have never written one before you can soon start getting great qualified targeted traffic and bigger profits by
following these simple steps.
Learn SEO article writing. This refers to the process of making your
articles search engine-friendly. You will need to use certain keywords
and SEO techniques when writing your articles. Don't worry as this is
relatively easy. There are ebooks and seminars that are being offered
in the online arena that contain very easy to follow guides. With
determination and perseverance, you'll learn the process in just a
week's time.
Insert keywords. Optimize your articles using the keywords that
you're targeting. Ensure that they will appear on your titles
(this is very, very important), article summary, first sentence
of the article, and on your resource box. Of course, they must
also be sprinkled all throughout the article body without exceeding
the acceptable keyword density.
Know your readers. The next step is to get in-depth understanding
about the people that you're writing for. Most likely, you'll be
targeting those who might consider doing business with you. Why
would they need your products and services? What kind of assistance
are they looking for? What kind of information do they usually
search for each time they go online? What's their language and
preference? Dig deeper when researching these people; the more
you know about them, the better, more effective writer you'll
When you have finished writing your article, remembering that it's
1000 times better to publish on your own website first, it's time
to submit to the article directories. There are 100�s if not
1000�s of these directories and plainly some are better than others,
and the way to judge that is to look at the home page's PR. This
will give you a general indication of how popular the page is.
After publishing on your own virtual real estate you should publish
your article on the top article directories. Some can be strict
about the quality of your submissions, but that's a good thing;
high quality content is your goal. As an article marketing newbie
it may take a while for your submissions to be accepted but as
you grow in stature and renown they'll be accepted quicker.
Remember to read the submission guidelines.
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