Saturday, 28 April 2012

Earn smart points on net browsing/fb chatting

If you want to win daily, weekly, monthly prizes and daily smart points on your activities facebook chatting, youtube suffering etc just click on free sign up button and register your account then install add-on into your Firefox or chrome browser and refer to your friends and earn 25smart points per friend refer

Your referral link would be like this
just add your username whatever you give while registering into smart media homepagepays account  

WARNING :- Don't be sign up from one pc with different username for earning smart points that's called cheating and you will not be able to do shopping your all cheating points will be finished when you will go for shopping so do work honestly and refer your friends ask them to install add-on in browser must without add-on installation  you can not earn points you will be tracked as dead members then

You can earn smart points on just net browsing whether you do facebook chatting or mailing whatever you do in any browser you will be earning smart points on everything and you can do online shopping with your smart points its 100% legit, even you can also get chance in luck draw prizes daily, weekly, monthly
Daily click on thrice box for winning daily, weekly, monthly prizes i heartly congrats to my friend Ghazal who has won 250$ in weekly prizes 

You can earn smart points on your daily activities or on just referring your friends and do shopping daily through your smart points.

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