Sunday, 29 April 2012

Membership plan choose paid membership and earn monthly 500$


1/ Free membership (cost 0$):-
Free membership is for those who don't wanna spend their money but they can earn even then smart points and getting chance in lucky draw prizes yes daily lucky draw prizes and they can easily purchase laptop, ipod, ipad etc just by their smart points they can also download many full version software, play online games , free education system etc everything on just one click in the homepage of smart pedia technology. They just have to sign up on smart media technology company and then install add-on on their firefox or chrome browser after that set smart media technology page as home page on their browser after that every time when they will use internet they will be earning smart points actually :-)

Once you purchased paid membership then you can earn easily monthly more than 1000$ i give you one little example
 You bring 30people on free membership in a month and then those each your free member also bring 2 members so they you will have 90members in just 1month, what ever they you will be earning smart points and $ and bonuses too :-).
 90free members each of them give you 3$min in one month so then you can easily earn
90members*3$ = 270$ in one month
 wow isn't that amazing for u  you just refer your 30members the more members you will refer the more earning you will earn :-) not only that even if any of them will go to paid membership under your downline then you will be paid 25$. you will be paid 20% of your down-line earning what ever your down-line earn example your referral earn monthly $10000 then you will be paid $200 too :-)

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