Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Homepagepays ver 2.0 and Shopping center gonna launch

Good news for every free members and paid members of SMART MEDIA TECHNOLOGIES company that Shopping center and homepagepays ver 2.0 and payper click impression gonna launch by 2nd week of july 2012, this is confirm everything is ready to be launched just being checked for 2weeks now

                SHOPPING CENTER
U can earn smart points by referring your friends and using facebook, youtube on net surfing, on the base of your smart points you can do shopping in our shopping center free of cost whether u purhcase laptop, ipdad, watch etc 

In this homepaygepays ver 2.0 you can create your own profile and even u can check your smart points in your profile and you can also send emails to your SMT friends all updates will be in your profile everything on just one page

Paid members can earn on their free members net surfing even if they click ad that shows in the bottom of your firefox after installing add-on paid members will earn of that and free members will earn on net surfing

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